Adams Marching Brass
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The Adams Marching Brass Series has been created to elevate performance by delivering the finest quality instruments with the endurance to withstand the demands of modern marching competition. Each instrument is designed, crafted, and assembled entirely in Thorn, Holland combining traditional techniques with the latest manufacturing methods to deliver superb instruments.


Adams Marching Brass Sousaphone MSP1S

Adams has once again elevated performance quality on the field with the addition of the MSP1 Sousaphone to the Marching Brass line-up. The MSP1 is a free-blowing and powerful instrument that projects fully and plays in-tune. The large outer wrap means that every player will be able to wear the instrument, and the Adams attention to design and materials will assure years of use in any demanding school or university environment.

  • Models: MSP1 Lacquer and MSP1S Silver Plated
  • Key: Bb
  • Bore: 0.748
  • Bell Diameter: 26”
  • Mouthpiece: 24AW
  • Piston: Standard Action / Stainless Steel Center or Offset Valve Stem Position
  • Finish: MSP1 Lacquer and MSP1S Silver Plated
  • Weight: 26 lbs.
  • Case: SKB380 sold with and without case