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17 Feb

Spirit of Atlanta Plays Adams Marching Brass

Adams Marching Brass instruments were delivered to their February camp along with Adams front ensemble equipment for the 2017 season. The partnership was extended to add Adams Marching Brass along with the Adams/Pearl equipment agreement signed in 2006.

Spirit of Atlanta Drum & Bugle Corps will exclusively use Adams Marching Brass with Pearl and Adams Percussion instruments through the 2021 DCI season. This agreement extends the established partnership of Pearl and Adams Percussion instruments with Spirit since 2006 to include Adams Marching Brass.

Spirit of Atlanta’s Brass Caption Head Dr. Andy Poor says “The brass staff and members are thrilled to be playing on Adams Marching Brass instruments this summer. Adams has long been the industry standard for brass playing in Europe and their instruments represent the highest standards in craftsmanship and quality. We are honored to bring these to the competitive fields of Drum Corps International for the first time this summer.”

Spirit’s legacy includes 20 finals appearances at the Drum Corps International World Championships, and an alumni list that includes some of DCI’s best and brightest.

“I am excited to add such a storied drum corps to our growing list of Adams Marching Brass ensembles,” states Dan McNally, Marketing Manager for Adams Marching Brass. “Expanding our partnership with Spirit of Atlanta officially begins a new era for Adams, and we are excited for Spirit to be our first voice in DCI.” Chris Moore, Director of Spirit of Atlanta says “as a longtime partner with Pearl/ Adams Percussion instruments, we are extremely pleased with the attentive customer service, quality of workmanship, attention to detail and tone production from these products. Our staff had the opportunity to field test the Adams brass and I can say they were most impressed by the quality, expressiveness and craftsmanship of these instruments.” Moore added “We have been very satisfied with Pearl/ Adams percussion over the years and it is clear that Adams is positioned to make a significant mark in the marching arts and we are excited to bring their voice to the field.”